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Hose pipe compound

Hose compound (hard compound)



  • Spiral hose, duct hose, air-conditioner hose, water supply hose and etc.


  • Various colors and excellent exterior
  • Excellent impact strength and wear resistance
  • Used with soft compound (outer cover) for molding a finished double extrusion hose product.
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Major physical properties and process temperature

Test Item UNIT Value Test method
WHI-990DH WHI-995DH-1
Room Temp. Tensile Strength Kg f / ㎠ 550 550 ASTN D 638
Elongation % 50 40
Specific gravity g/㎤ 1.38 1.38 ASTM D 792
Hardness Rockwell 110 115 ASTM D 786
Application Screw Hose Duct Hose Air cleaner Hose Concrete Hose
  • Product characteristics shown above are only guidelines not the actual product specification.
  • Process temperature conditions for the product may differ according to the technical spec of the machinery and processing condition.