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Our History


2022 03 Certification of sincere taxpayer (Governor of Kyunggi Province)
2020 11 Award for sponsorship of children (Governor of Kyunggi Province)
08 Start of production for the corporation in Jiangmen (China)


2019 12 Horizontal Compliance Performance Agreement contract (National Tax Service)
12 Commendation for the protection and support of crime victims (Suwon District Prosecutors' Office, Head of Ansan Branch)
2018 03 Establishment of a corporation in Jiangmen (China)
2017 08 Construction of MES(Manufacturing Execution System) for Sihwa factory
04 Award for Best Partner Company Commendation (IBK President)
03 Central Regional Tax Office Commendation Award (National Tax Service)
2016 12 Horizontal Compliance Performance Agreement contract (National Tax Service)
09 Acquisition of SQ certification for Hyundai Motor (Ansan Factory, Ansan 2nd Factory)
03 Selected as “Best Taxpayer” (Ansan City Mayor)
2015 06 Additional installation of semi-conductive lines at the Ansan 2nd factory
2014 09 Acquisition of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification for the Yeosu factory.
04 Horizontal Compliance Performance Agreement contract (National Tax Service)
03 Selected as “Best Taxpayer in Kyunggi-do” (Governor of Kyunggi Province)
2012 03 Construction of PIS (Production Information System) for Sihwa factory
2011 12 Achieved 170 billion KRW in sales
06 Patent acquisition for composition of resin used for glass encapsulation molding
02 Extention of BUSS production line at the Ansung factory.
2010 12 Horizontal Compliance Performance Agreement contract (National Tax Service)
12 Additional Buss Line for HFFR Compounds


2009 12 Change of CEO, Jae-Poong Lee to Young-il Koo
08 Registration of WISCOM Trademark Rights at USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)
05 Acquired ISO 14001 Certification (International Certification Registrar)
03 Received commendation from the Director of the National Tax Service(National Tax Office)
2008 10 Patent acquisition for heat resisting/flame resisting thermoplastic resin composition
2007 11 Extension of warehouse at the China corporation
2005 09 Extension of Head Office at Ansan 1st factory
04 Patent acquisition for sheathed exterior composition for aerial wire cable (ABC-W)
2004 07 Start of production for the corporation in China
2003 12 Start of construction works for corporation in China
09 Change of CEO, Jo-wooing Jo to Jae-Poong Lee
07 Establishment of a corporation in China
07 Transparent Management Awards (Korean Accounting Association)
2002 07 Created overseas business department
03 Registration of WISCOM logo at CTMO (China Trademark Office)
03 Established production facilities for ultra-high pressure semiconductors at Ansan 2nd factory
2001 07 Patent acquisition for semi-conductive water blocking pellet compound for power cable
07 Trademark registration of WISCOM logo
2000 12 Sales exceed 100 billion KRW
10 Extension of the Yeosu 2nd factory
08 Changed company name to WISCOM
08 Extension of warehouse at the Ansan 2nd factory
05 Awarded Excellent Listed Corporation in Disclosure 1999(Korea Stock Exchange)
04 Awarded the Best Value Management Company of 2000 (Korea Management Association)
01 Selected for Excellent Midsized Business (Shinhan Economics Research Institute)


1999 12 Completed construction of warehouse at the Ansung factory
07 Engineering Plastic OEM Contract with LG Chem
06 Established Ansan 2nd factory
1998 08 Registration of trademark, WISCOM
1997 11 Completed construction of Yeosu factory
06 Established the annex research institute
03 Received commendation for Excellent Taxpayer by the Kyung-In Regional Tax Office
1996 11 Stock listing (Public opening)
05 Presidential citation for Entrepreneur of Small-Medium size Enterprise
1995 11 Awarded the “Industrial Medal of 10 million Dollar Export Tower” of the 32th Trade Day
07 Completed construction of Sihwa factory
05 Acquisition of I.S.O. 9002 certification(UL)
1993 08 Completed construction of Ansung factory
02 Completed construction of employee welfare facility
1992 05 Completed the business computerization (introduction of MIS)
1991 11 Awarded the “Industrial Medal of 5 million Dollar Export Tower” of the 28th Export Day
1990 05 Completed automation of the PVC, ABS Line


1986 11 Awarded the “Industrial Medal of 1 million Dollar Export Tower” at the 24th Export Day.
1985 02 First company in Korea to acquire the KS & UL standard mark for PVC COMPOUND
1984 09 Completed construction of a new factory in BanWol Industrial Complex (Head Office at present)
03 Selected as Promising Small-Medium sized Company (Ministry of Science and Technology)
1978 05 Change to Woo Chin Industry Co., Ltd., Completed construction of Buchon factory and relocation.
1973 06 Established Woo Shin Chemical Industry