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Jiangmen Corporation

“Wiscom Jiangmen did touch the heart for Customer”
Wiscom Jiangmen was established on March, 1, 2018.
We are running ABS compound OEM business for LG Chemical with 70,000 tons of production capacity per year.
And therefore we have a continuous growth experience in the Compound industry from date of establishment company.
And we have the new production process system.
We want to achieve quality improvement with "eyes of a customer" "Head of a Customer" in mind.
We will do our best as a global corporation that can leap into the world with high value-added management that maximizes the capabilities of all employees.
Company name
Field of Business
  • Product : PVC COMPOUND
March, 01, 2018
Site area
Building area
  • Address : 33 Tongxing Middle Road Heshan industrial city Heshan Jiangmen Guangdong.China (529728)
  • Telephone : +86-0750-8311920
  • Fax : +86-0750-8311923

Profile of Jiangmen City

Jiangmen City profile
It is located in the western Pearl River Delta, with three administrative districts and four county-level cities.
The four county-level cities are Taishan City, Kaiping City, Enping City, Heshan City
- 120km from Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou, approximately 1hrs 30mins by car.
- 150km from Bao’an Airport in Shenzhen, approximately 2hrs by car.
Population 4.8 million in 2020. The number of Korean residents is relatively small.
State of Area 9,443km² (About 93% of Kyeonggi-do,Similar total area of Chungcheongnam-do + Daejeon + Sejong City (9,209 km²)) Major Korean companies on site There are Korean companies such as WISCOM, Container of Hyundai.
Major global companies on site Lee Kum Kee Food, Panasonic(Japan, electronic part), Emerson(U.S.A, automobile parts) Average GDP of Jiangmen About US$10,500 (2020)