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Welfare & Benefit

In line with WISCOM’s management philosophy, we put high emphasis on the welfare of our employees
and provide a wide range of welfare and employee benefits to improve the quality of life of our employees.
A Happy Workplace
  • Run commuter buses
  • Subsidy for vehicle maintenance
  • Run a company cafeteria
  • Support for in-house club activities
  • Souvenirs for Labor Day, New Year Day, Chuseok, and Foundation Day
Support for self-development, holidays
  • Support for Local Expertise System
  • Provide job training and leadership training, both internal and external opportunities
  • Excellent Staff Award
  • Holiday and holiday expense allowance for long-term employees (on the10th & 20th year)
  • 5 Day Work Week
A Healthy Workplace
  • Support medical fees for the employee and family
  • Provide group accident insurance
  • Provide Group Accident Insurance
  • Social Insurance (health insurance, national pension, employment insurance and accident insurance)
  • Operate a Mutual Aid Society
  • Provide a Total Funeral Service package (expenses for congratulations and condolences, compassionate leave, support for funeral goods)
  • Provide company housing for employees
  • Provide company dormitory
  • Tuition coverage for kindergarten
  • Maintain a Scholarship Grant Program