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“Thinking creatively, concentrating on developing advanced material”
Ever since its establishment in June 1997, under the company’s motto “Creativity”, WISCOM annex laboratory has continued to concentrate on the research and development of advance materials that would lead to new business and development of high value added products.
Research focus areas are PO materials such as low toxic and fire retardant material, semi-conductive material for power lines and XLPE, and there are ongoing researches on TPE, PVC materials which would work as future growth engine.

Laboratory Vision

  • 1. Development of eco-friendly materials to secure and to use as a future growth engine.
  • 2. Pioneering R&D activities to secure high value added technologies.
  • 3. Continuing intensive research to procure competitive advantage of the highest standard


  • Address : WISCOM Annex Laboratory, 185 bun-gil 13 (Sihwa Industrial Complex 1 Da 502-ho) , Okguchunseo-ro, Siheung, Kyunggi-do, Republic of Korea
  • Telephone : (031) 432-3321~5
  • Fax : (031) 432-3320
  • Alight from subway line 4 at Oido Station. > Board bus number 30-2 at bus stop 25176 across the street > Alight the bus at the 14th stop (Dansuk Industrial).