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Research Area

Wire Compound

Wire compound is used for various wire insulations, sheathe and semi-conductive in varied areas such as communication, power, automobile, shipping and etc.
Wire compounds developed at our research institute include TR OC-XLPE, OC-XLPE, non-toxic flame retardant compound, semi-conductive internal/external layer and special wires for automobiles.

Outdoor insulation XLPE compound

  • Mid/high voltage wire cable insulation
  • 6.6Kv ~ 22.9Kv

Semi-conductive compound

  • Interior of CN/CV power cable
  • Exterior of CN/CV power cable, bond type,
    strippable type, easy strippable type
  • Both Internal and external use bond type
  • Sheathed semi-conductive HDPE compound
  • Water-blocked semi-conductive: CN/CV-W, OC-W

Silane crosslinking insulating compound

  • Low pressure power cable insulation

Flame retardant silane crosslinking compound

  • Low pressure power cable insulation (600V)

FRPO non-toxic flame retardant compound

  • Used for power, communication, automobile, shipping and etc.
  • Develop products of various size to strengthen price competitiveness.

Automobile wires compound

  • Used for various motor, generator, light, control circuit and lead wires.
  • Needs heat and flame resistance and flexibility.

Equipment wire compound

Equipment wire means wires used for electricity, inner wire of electronic equipment and wiring between machineries. These days, it is not only used for electricity and electronic equipments but also for wires used for industrial machineries such as computers, control units, engineering tools, automobiles, military radian equipment and RF communication equipment.

Composite materials compound

New material business based on petrochemistry had great effect on not only the automobile industry and the construction industry but also on aerospace industry. Furthermore, it contributed to environmental conservation as substitute material for limited natural resources which will lead to an efficient resource recycling effect. This is why it is receiving attention as the frontier industry of the future.
Through production of high quality and value added polypropylene compound, WISCOM will continue to strengthen the competition in the industry and serve the diverse needs by producing high quality and safe products which have excellent physical property and workability, non-toxic during combustion and high recyclability.
We will continue to be dedicated to R&D and production of diverse, high-end, differentiated products such as Ondol (similar to hypocaust) & hot water panes for construction material and automobile interior/exterior materials, and further improve our performance as a global top-tier company in the 21st century.

Functional compound

Compounding is a process of enhancing the function of various plastic by melt blending additives with different functions,
such as air freshening or antistatic, according to the need of the end user.

Ant repellent material

Material with added ant repellent additive to PVC. PE and etc.

Rat repellent material

Material with added rat repellent additive to PVC. PE and etc.

Color Master Batch

Product with enhanced function to meet the need of the end user, made by highly enriching pigment and additive used to color various plastic material (base resin) such as PVC, PE, PP, HIPS and etc.

Antimicrobial compound

Product which maintains its antimicrobial factor by adding organic or inorganic antibacterial to the compound which inhibits the proliferation of the microbes. This compound is largely used for steering wheels, handles, flooring and toothbrushes.

TPE(Thermoplastics Elastomer)

Unlike general synthetic rubber, this product can be used to make products with elastomeric property without any crosslinking process. This gives the material an extensive physical property, convenient processing, ideal electric property and recyclability. It also has oxidative resistance and weather resistance which allows it to maintain stability while being processed at high temperature. TPE is a eco-friendly and innocuous resin which can be used as a substitute for PVC. Weight lightning and manufacturing process of the final product is simple and it can also be recycled. It is currently under development to be used as wires, medical equipment, gasket and etc., and the demand will undoubtedly increase in the future.